A loony writer viewing the looniess of the human race-with humor
and love.

I have written three e-books, the covers of which are seen below.

Loonies in the Dugout

New York, 1911, rookie Chet Koski is already having trouble getting
playing time on the Giants while trying to woo his Broadway
girlfriend and now he is being saddled with the strange and
mysterious Charlie Faust, who may be loony, and as the pennant
race heats up Chet must come to terms with baseball, women, life,
and Charlie, in this satire on fame and celebrity. Based on a true

Loonies in Hollywood
In 1922 Hollywood writer Chet Koski must do what the police can’t;
solve the murder of silent movie director William Desmond Taylor,
but will anyone believe Chet or even arrest the killer when he
discovers the truth, a truth larger than a simple whodunit. Based on
a true story.

Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms

Eight stories from the Twilight Zone of shadows, cemeteries,
castles; where life and death mingle in haunting dimensions of
reality and unreality, of eerie journeys, strange beginnings, strange
endings, and revenge from the grave.

About me:
The boring stuff: I have a degree in English Literature from Western
Washington University. Wrote film reviews for ten years for a small
town newspaper, doing some freelance news stories as well. I live
in the Pacific Northwest with a cat who insists she is a zombie.

Now the fun stuff. Since I was born the following has happened to
me; my mother and I saw a UFO; my voice was recorded at the
Washington State Performing Arts Center and used as a radio DJ in
a play; I was a volunteer legislative aide for one year in the
Washington State House of Representatives; I managed theatres;
owned a bookstore; a brief memoir of mine was published in
"Christmas Spirit" by St. Martins Press; I visited the homes of John
Keats and Charles Dickens when I was in London (they weren't
home); I stayed in the same hotel in London-though I did not know it
at the time-where Jimi Hendrix died; I nearly severed a large vein
or artery (how do you tell) on the back of my hand with a broken
dish I was washing at a friend's apartment in Goteborg, Sweden;
while house sitting at Ocean Shores, Washington, a butcher knife
fell out of a cupboard nearly slicing my finger off; I may have met
the Manson Family one month before the Tate-La Bianca murders; I
was stranded in Esbjerg, Denmark, without money;  I am descended
from two Danish Squires; I am a Strat-o-matic fanatic; I learned when
living on North Cherokee in Hollywood, that across the street on
the next block was one of the places where "The Black Dahlia"
lived; I owe Rick Barry, NBA Hall of Famer, an apology; I heard
Anthony Burgess, author of "Clockwork Orange" tell a lie-and I was
reasonably disheartened; I could go on, but I have to stop

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My contributed story is "Twenty Dollars."
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Loonies in the Dugout, Loonies in
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other Phantasms