I have written three e-books, the covers of which are seen below.

The latest is "Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms."
In this
collection of eight ghostly tales you will find two stories where  
dead seek revenge, one in gruesome fashion. You will also
discover two stories where the dead have trouble adjusting in the
next life. And though not ghostly, one tale is morbid, despite the
romantic notion behind a man’s actions. Four of the eight take
place in the same cemetery; one takes place in England, one in a
library, and one in an apartment next to the cemetery. The opening
story, “An Evening with Constance Bennett” is more like a “Twilight
Zone” episode, a tale quirky and odd, a phantasm of the
imagination. There is also a bonus story, a noir mystery set in 1948.

Why do I write?

A life should be lived without regrets, about not having a life of
“should haves.” By midlife I had a Fibber McGee closet full of
regrets about things I should have done but didn't. So I decided to
write, if not for anyone else, at least to rid myself of one regret of
not doing something I wanted to do. I was given the opportunity to
write weekly film reviews for The Chronicle in 1999 and wrote 546
reviews through September  of 2009.

By clicking movie reviews you will find how I became a film critic
(opening credits), current and old movie reviews, and in interviews
you will find my Ashlyn Sanchez interview and my paranoid non-
interview with Amber Lancaster.

By clicking Loonies in the Dugout or Loonies in Hollywood above
you can read a short excerpt from those novels.
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